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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Some Helpful Instructions

Greeting Friends,

Some of you, I know, do not have a lot of practice with Blogs or Blogging. (I can feel with you because this is one of the first Blogs I have ever done, and until recently, I had never even seen a blog!)

To post a comment to a note or to see the comments already posted click on the word "comments" at the bottom of the note. The number in front of the word "comment" shows how many comments have been posted for that note. It looks like this: 0 comments

The "links to this post" right beside "comments" is a tool that bloggers use to link a note on one blog to a note on their own blog. It looks like this: links to this post

Finally, the little symbol of an envelope with an arrow on it is for emailing a note on iblue to a friend. Say you find an interesting note on this site, and you know someone who would like to read it. Well, just click on that little symbol and you will be taken to an easy-to-use form that will help you send the note.

I hope this helps anyone who was experiencing difficulties! God bless!